State of the Black Man in America by Laurie Cooper

Slavery and oppression have resulted in many of us not knowing our family names.

This is true of all races in this cruel culture that we call America. Most Americans are good people. When made aware of injustice, they rarely allow it to stand. This book will document injustice and serve as a message to people of all cultures to unite and work to correct the current miasma that we currently live in .

This blog chronicles the journey of many of us and closely relates to my life.

So many people have asked me to write a book when they hear my story. 

As I write this book, I will take my audience with me on the journey. 

You will be able to comment. I will be collecting the stories of others. 

We will explore the effects of corporate tyranny, manufactured consent, inverted totalitarianism and a society oriented on punishment. 

We will examine how people have called for their own enslavement.

Take a journey with me from my upbringing in Alabama to my seafaring years in the United States Navy to my life as an author and TV producer in California.

Names have been changed to protect those close to me along with certain facts.

Overall, this is a true reflection of my life through the lenses of many.

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